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Educational Programs

Give your students an out-of-the-classroom experience with our educational opportunity to learn more about parts of the industry and get hands on experience!

Participate in one of our exciting programs, or download the Lesson Plans provided below and pair them with our general admission Youth tickets!

YCIM: A STEAM App Series

Your Classroom in Motion: A STEAM App Series combines national education standards with real-world critical thinking to transform our top attractions into learning environments.

Student Backlot Tour

This tour highlights the career opportunities available in the entertainment and production industries, by taking students behind-the-scenes of sets, sound stages, and more.

Stunts & Pyro Tech Tour

Research the fascinating secrets behind the special effects of WaterWorld® in a special on-site class. Students produce mathematical equations that explain the designs for each special effect.

Lesson Plans

Design The Ride

Grades 6-12

Students will distinguish the different types of energy (mechanical, chemical etc.) and be able to plain transfer one type of energy to another, while also measuring the kinetic energy of a moving object.

Jurassic Feast

Grades 3-12

Students will learn different types of eaters and how they connect with each other and the surrounding ecosystem.

Map FUNctions

Grades 5-10

Students will plot their route through the park. By determining the coordinates of each location students can create a scatterplot or linear equation.

3-D Images

Grades 6-8

Students will take a stereoscopic pictures and be able to explain the science behind the 3D image.